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Portable Solutions Group

Portable Solutions Group


Kentucky Consultants Construction Site Offices Bathroom Pods 5,000 square feet or less Temporary Single-story Set-Up & Transportation Security Retail or Hospitality Rent Renovation & Repairs Permanent Over 10,000 square feet Outright Purchase Multi-Story Kitchen Pods Institutional or Assembly Indoor Air Quality Healthcare General Office Equipment/Storage Education Design & Engineering

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DropBox, Inc. is an ISO shipping container modification company that specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing containerized solutions and engineered enclosures. For over two decades, DropBox Inc. has offered customers solutions both for sale and rent. Whether ordering from our standard product line or creating a completely custom solution, the product that you need will be the product that you receive and nothing less. Whether you make your DropBox solution a permanent installation or use it across multiple sites, each component has been carefully evaluated to ensure that the product can withstand the abuse of daily use and frequent transport. With a proven track record for quality and customer service, DropBox Inc. has planted its roots firmly throughout industry.

(MSSI) The company’s patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal,, is a standard, practical, sturdy structure made from industrial grade materials. Unused, but not useless. While some businesses are built on thinking outside the box, MSSI’s business is built on reinventing the box; that is, taking what others see as a single-use container and reconfiguring it and giving it multiple, pragmatic purposes for contractors the world over.

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