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International Chemical Products, Inc.

International Chemical Products, Inc.


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Developer and Manufacturer of the EPA Tested/Verified, National Award (2001) & Edison Award (2013) winner, Environmentally Safe, Non-Hazardous, water based, ready to use, Value Added Green Product called Picklex® 20 One Step Metal Prep., which eliminates all Hazardous/Toxic chemicals including Blasting (which produces hazardous waste), which are used in the Metal Surface Preparation processes before Welding and Painting/Powder coating. Picklex® 20 performs multiple jobs in One Step without heating or rinsing and exceeds the traditional quality requirements.

Picklex® 20 performs the following: Note: Eliminate removal of mill scale before Welding & Painting 

Surface Prep: 

• Removes mill oil/cutting fluid, remove surface Rust, provide a nano thickness weldable & paintable Conversion coating, Seal the coating and stops the oxidation process, all at the same time in One Step, resulting in a Rust/Contamination free surface with Zero Oxidation. A complete metal surface preparation/pre-treatment in One Step. No rinsing is involved

Rust Protection:

 • Picklex® 20 coating provides years of Indoor Rust Protection in any humidity condition (more than 8 – 10 years) 


• Increases Weld strength in Cold rolled steel few times

 • Welding can be performed on Hot rolled steel without removing the mill scale and still achieve higher weld strength than AWS code welding. 

• Provides much better welding than AWS/ASME code welding 

Does not cause Hydrogen embrittlement, so chance of weld failure is Zero 

• Acts as an Anti-spatter 


 • Eliminates Blasting for all new metal surfaces including Hot rolled steel 

Picklex® 20 completely converts the mill scale on the Hot rolled steel to a Weldable & Paintable conversion coating 

• Passed 1000 hours of salt spray test (ASTM B117) on Hot Rolled steel (without removing the mill scale) with Picklex® 20 coating and Two-part Epoxy Primer & Paint.

 • High Temperature Paint: Picklex® 20 can also be applied under High Temperature Paint up to around 2000⁰F

Picklex® 20 is Developed and Made In USA. Does not fall under any EPA or OSHA regulation. 

Unit product cost is few cents per sq. ft. Indefinite Shelf Life. Zero Waste Disposal

Since 1998, there has been Zero Welding and Adhesion (bonding) failure, which reduced the Re-work to Zero, saving a lot of labor, time & cost.

 ZERO PRODUCT COST AFTER USE (because of eliminating one or more traditional steps from Metal Surface Preparation Process). A lot of Labor, Time and Cost savings by eliminating one or more traditional steps including Blasting and Zero Re-work. 

Used by a lot of Major companies, such as DOT, TN, Bechtel Corp. Houston, TX, Goodrich Aerospace, KS, Lockheed Martin, United Coatings, WA, SpaceX, CA, Worthington Steel, OH, HYCO International, AL.

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