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By collaborating with architects, engineers, building designers, contractors and material manufacturers, we are developing an array of chemistries, formulations and materials. These technologies enhance performance, durability, aesthetics and sustainability across the entire built environment. From roads to roofs, from homes to high-rises, we offer solutions that reduce waste, improve efficiency and ultimately achieve the goal of development that is as environmentally friendly as it is visually appealing and structurally and functionally robust. 

Dow's VORAMER Industrial Adhesive solutions offer best-in-class performance and unmatched advantages in adhering gypsum board to lumber framing in walls and ceilings, eliminating the use of mechanical fasteners.

Dow's DIAMONDLOCK Flooring Adhesives are award-winning, pourable, one-component, moisture-cured polyurethane adhesives that adhere to a variety of flooring types and will make your installation easier and faster.

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Associate Materials


Emily Lambros
Senior Marketing Manager

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Communications Manager

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Marketing Specialist

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Technical Account Manager

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TS&D Scientist

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Customer Manager

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TS&D Scientist

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Research Scientist

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Market Development Manager

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Customer Manager

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