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Connect Homes is a vertically integrated California-based prefab company that designs, manufactures, transports, and installs modern, green, award-winning single-family homes at a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional homebuilding. Connect Homes launched in late 2012 and delivered its first house in 2013 making the cover of Dwell Magazine in 2014 with the caption “Modern for All.”  Since launch, Connect Homes has delivered over 690 mods and counting. This equates to 95 modular prefab homes or 200,000 square feet of housing created. Connect Homes’ manufacturing approach is unusual for the industry, as we don’t “build-in-place” in a warehouse and instead use a true assembly line methodology like other manufactured products (cars, electronics, etc).   Connect has recently expanded its product line to include housing for those experiencing homelessness, creating move-in-ready dignified housing using the same stee-frame system with which they create their single family homes. Connect is also launching a new “Series 2” line that targets housing developers and the build for rent industry.

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Mr. Gordon Scott

Payal Gandhi
SVP Business Development

Ioanna Georgitsopoulou
VP of Design & Project Management

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