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Ames Research Laboratories, Inc.


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Ames Research Laboratories, Inc. is a global manufacturer of rubberized elastomeric waterproof coatings that protect roofs, basements, foundations, decks and more. AMES is a woman owned, privately held business founded by a United States veteran. AMES is proud to say our coatings are manufactured in the USA.

Ames Waterproof Coatings specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions for the modular industry through advanced waterproof coatings and roof repair products. Our comprehensive product line is designed to address a range of roofing issues, from damage and leaks to proactive preventative measures against future issues.

Our innovative coatings serve as a cost-effective alternative, offering significant savings in time, labor, and materials compared to traditional roof repairs and costly replacements. Ames is dedicated to protecting modular buildings from the unforgiving elements of nature. In winter, our coatings provide robust waterproofing, ensuring resilience against moisture infiltration. During the summer, they excel at reflecting up to 88% of the sun's UV rays, contributing to a cooler interior environment and reduced energy costs.

One of the standout features of Ames coatings is their remarkable flexibility, boasting an elongation rating of up to 1200%. This unique attribute allows our products to adapt seamlessly to temperature fluctuations and structural movements, such as those encountered during transport. By accommodating these changes, Ames Waterproof Coatings ensures long-lasting durability and performance, making them an indispensable asset for the modular industry.


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Joseph Butterfield
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