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Donation to Legal Defense Fund

Help us ensure we have the funds to fight this government over-reach

Since its inception, MBI has been there to protect and promote the modular industry’s interest. On numerous occasions, MBI has retained lobbyists, attorneys, and code consultants to address a variety of local, state, and federal issues. Over the years, MBI has used its Seals Program to help generate funds to help support these efforts. And over the years, the MBI Board has successfully built up adequate operating reserves to ensure the long-term stability of the organization. But we are facing unprecedented times in our industry. As we grow in market share, we also become a bigger target for groups intent on protecting their status quo. Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Labor announced its intention to “re-interpret” the decades old Davis Bacon Act so that it will now apply to offsite modular and component fabrication facilities. If the final rule is published, it will be devastating to the growth of the modular industry. Not only will federally funded projects be impacted, but it is highly likely that many of the twenty-six states with “Little Davis Bacon” laws would follow suit, meaning state funded projects might also be impacted. In the short term, we are asking that all our members consider making a one-time donation to our defense fund as it is likely this issue will be heading to court if the rule is published without significant modifications. Note: This is not tax deductible and we will not send MBI Seals/labels to you for this donation.
$250.00 - $10,000.00
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