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Production Manager

Sunbelt Modular

About Sunbelt Modular:

Sunbelt Modular is the largest wholesale commercial modular manufacturer in the US.  Our current geographic presence includes six different locations across the South with plans to expand into other markets.

Position Location:  Midwest

Position Summary:

Under the direction of the General Manager, this position is responsible for producing the buildings scheduled for production by the General Manager and completing those buildings on time, at acceptable quality levels, and within budget. All while enforcing the safety regulations.

 Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Plans and schedules production activities. Maintains the production flow chart, tracks production progress, and distributes the schedule to staff, making sure the schedule meets all the commitments on each building.
  • Directs the daily activities of the department. Coordinates the daily department schedules taking into consideration the difficulty of the building. This may require moving people to help in other areas. Also, schedules subcontractor work.
  • Coordinates production activities with other departments. Verifies that prints are available for the day’s schedule and for review. Determines how delayed material will affect the completion and shipment of the building. Informs the appropriate parties of any foreseen delays.
  • Develops budgets on tools, supplies, and labor, continually trying to reduce costs. This includes tracking the abuse of tools and implementing the use of more cost-effective quality tools and supplies.
  • Trains production personnel for improved performance and growth opportunities. Develops training procedures to assure the proper training is available to each employee.
  • Evaluates departmental performance. Determines areas that need improvement and makes the necessary changes.
  • Maintains clean and orderly work areas. Monitors the performance of each department’s clean-up efforts through inspection.
  • Develops departmental policies and procedures, which include standard building methods.
  • Keeps management informed of any problems that will affect the production of the building or delivery schedule.


  • Monitors and maintains the correct number of employees to maintain the level of production. Ensures that the workforce includes the skilled workers required to meet the needs.
  • Trains subordinates at all levels, to be cross-trained should an opportunity or need arise.
  • Provides safe working conditions which includes maintenance of all equipment such as cranes, compressors, plant electrical, etc. Addresses all complaints and develops a preventive maintenance program to avoid these complaints.
  • Evaluates overall departmental performance and develops ways of improving performance in safety, quality, and efficiency.
  • Enforces company policies and procedures.


  • Meets required production schedules. Must identify any scheduling problems and determine solutions early. Recommends alternative material and identifies the labor needed to complete the building in each department. Responsible for notifying the appropriate parties if the schedule cannot be met.
  • Maintains authorized labor rates and avoids overtime to meet desired labor rate. Maintains the correct number of employees for the production level.
  • Provides quality workmanship. Provides proper training of employees in methods/procedures and maintains the proper tools and equipment to do the job accurately and safely.
  • Complies with plan and specification requirements. Reviews plans and changes with employees thoroughly.
  • Develops production capabilities. Providing alternative and efficient ways of producing a building which include methods, materials, and equipment.

Material Management

  • Insures proper storage of material in production areas. Develops storage carts, racks, etc. for staging of material near the production line. Monitors the return of the materials to appropriate storage.
  • Insures proper use of material on the production line.
  • Complies with scrap reduction programs which includes recycling of lumber, plywood, wire, steel, etc.
  • Properly disposes obsolete and damaged materials.


  • Oversees purchases of hand and small power tools and understands inventory, pricing, repairs, and usages of such.
  • Recommends purchases of large equipment and provides information on what benefits new equipment will provide.
  • Coordinates with plant maintenance personnel to ensure proper maintenance on all major plant equipment through maintenance schedules. Stays informed on any repair or replacement of any plant equipment and scheduling repairs so production and safety are not affected.
  • Insures proper disposition of damaged and obsolete equipment. Recommends the replacement or repair of the equipment.
  • Maintains inventory on all tools and equipment.


  • Performs construction and maintenance projects on office and plant facilities as needed. Provide estimates on costs and time for these projects.
  • Assists with service calls by discussing and investigating the cause and provides labor if needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Relevant experience will be considered.

General Benefits:

  • 401k with employer match
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental/Vision options
  • Life insurance options
  • Paid Time Off

If interested, please send your resume to

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